Sunday, February 19, 2006

Slow Day

Hi, it's me Booger. Since Punkin blogged yesterday, today it's my turn. Today's been pretty uneventful so far. Mom and Dad did split duty again at church. This time Daddy went to the first hour and Mom went to the third. She almost didn't make it 'cause she was too busy with us. We missed her while she was in her meeting, but we did spend most of the time sleeping.

After she got home Mommy and Daddy fed us and Mommy starting taking care of my little sister's cradle cap. I can get away with calling her my little sister 'cause I have almost 30 minutes on her. I guess she decided since she lost the title of first place a few weeks before we were born she would just take her sweet time once I was out. Anyway, all that doesn't matter.

Mommy finished up with Punkin and put us back down in the crib while she and Daddy napped. They got up in time to feed us again after I'd been letting them know it was feeding time for about 10 minutes. I didn't think they'd ever hear me! After we finally got fed and changed, Mommy decided she was going to try and keep us up until our 10 PM feeding so we'd sleep tonight. Is she crazy?! I'm still protesting, but all Mommy and Daddy will do is stick my binky in my mouth. I try to tell them I don't want it, but the most I can do is give them a crusty look. Eventually I succumb to the pressure, though, and just take the binky until they get far enough away that it'd take them a minute to put it back once I spit it out. That's a fun game for me.

Ever since Punkin woke up she's been screaming her head off. I wish they'd just drug her again and put her out of MY misery! She's sooo loud that it's giving me a headache! But as much as I try to tell my parents that I want her to shut up, they just try again with the binky thing. I guess I shouldn't protest too much or they'll try to find a more long-term way to silence me. Mommy's tried everything, bouncing her in the bouncer, giving her gripewater (which is GREAT stuff! Tastes horrible, but it cures my hiccups faster than you can say "poopy diaper"!), putting her in the swing, and holding her. I can't blame Mommy for not holding her too long--she should feel lucky she doesn't have to share a crib with Punkin!

I guess Mommy's decided it's time to try and take care of my hair. This should be as much fun as my circumcision.


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