Saturday, February 18, 2006

Here We Are!

Our names are Booger and Punkin, and we're 5 week old fraternal twins (we can't be identical, Booger's a boy and Punkin's a girl). Mommy likes to tell people about our daily lives in her own little private blog, but we wanted to take our circus act to the big time, so we're publishing our lives for the ENTIRE world wide web!

I know it's rather late for us to be up, but I (Punkin) am feeling rather colicky tonight, so in between my blood-curdling, lung-emptying screams, I'm going to tell you about our day.

It started a little later than usual. My pesky cribmate, Booger, was crying for about 20 minutes before Mom finally had our food ready to go. Lucky for me, Mom picked me first (I think she likes me better)! I had my usual breakfast--3 oz of formula--followed by the usual routine: burping, diaper changing, and getting dressed for the day. Today Mommy dressed me in one of the outfits she really likes, my Eeyore sleeper. As usual, I protested in vain. Doesn't she know how COLD it is when your bare butt is lifted in the air for all to see? Has she no sense of decency??

Anyway, after all that she put me in the swing and gave me my binky so she and Dad could hurridly gather the important things for our diaper bags. Yes, my brother and I require TWO diaper bags. One gets loaded with changing supplies, the other with feeding supplies. I heard Mom refer to it as "the feed bag." Very funny, Mom. Not.

Once Booger and I were dressed, our parents tortured us by putting us in our carseats. The things they do to us in the name of safety!! Why can't my parents be reckless like Britney Spears and just put us on their laps?! Oh well, better safe than sorry. Once they got us in the car it was off to the doctor's to get poked and prodded because Mommy thought I had reflux or lactose intolerance. Daddy also had an appointment for his reflux, so we just went in together. Booger, Daddy, and I all got weighed today. Booger's got a whole pound on me, but I'm almost 7 pounds now! Mommy and Daddy were so happy to see that I was growing. I guess they thought that since my brother is a porker, I must be falling behind. But he's not trying to maintain a girlish figure, so he can eat all he wants!

The doctor said we were growing very fast and that we're really healthy. He also told Mom and Dad to chill out on the formula before I waste away from puking all the time! He also told them to quit giving me that horrible soy crap because I'm not lactose intolerant! I'm so glad, 'cause that stuff stank so bad, and Mom and Dad kept carrying on about it being more expensive or something like that. The doctor also told them it was okay to drug me with Benadryl on occasion to get me to stop crying. Since Daddy's afraid I'll overdose, Mom's using it pretty sparingly. I'm trying to do my best to get her to use it again.

From the doctor's office it was back home. Mom had 30 minutes until she had to be at her friends house for our baby shower, so she put up the sunscreens on our windows and drove us around the block a few times to make sure we were asleep. I'm not sure why she bothered with the sunscreens--the sun wasn't even out. We arrive at the baby shower about 5 minutes early and were sound asleep until Booger woke up. He decided he was hungry, so she fed him and waited for other people to arrive. Once someone was willing to pick me up, she handed off feeding duty to that poor soul. After I ate, the woman tried to burp me without a burprag over her shoulder! Lucky for her, Mom's pretty observant and said "if you like that sweater, you'll want to put a burpcloth on your shoulder!" Mom always spoils my fun! We spent the next two hours being passed around like little footballs, with everyone wanting to "ooh" and "aah" over us. We were a hit! We also made out like bandits with the loot we scored! Tons of new clothes, a bracelet for me, and a toy that I just know we're going to have fun fighting over in the months to come!

Even though we could tell Mom was exhausted from her party, she insisted on going to the store to get some goodies for us. She got mineral oil to take care of our yucky scalps, baby Benadryl to help her get some sleep at night, baby Tylenol so she has it on hand for our shots in a couple of weeks, and thermometer covers for um, I don't know, but I don't think I want to find out! She also bought some Cokes for her and Daddy, probably so she could have some of the stuff that makes her hyper to help her make it through the night with me screaming. I really wish she'd have asked Daddy to pick the stuff up on his way home from our uncle's house 'cause it was way cold outside! It was snowing and Booger and I were getting pretty hungry! Finally she got us home and fed us. After that she put us in our crib and took a nap herself.

Well, it looks like Mom's giving in to my demands and giving me Benadryl. Since I'll be asleep shortly I'd better end my post.